Violence Based On Gender

Our Generation Equality Forum Commitment

We Pledge

To implement this, we have to create more awareness, educate female genders, and process complaint mechanisms to arrest situations while providing counseling to victims and reintegrating their values systems into society. While in sexual and reproductive health, female genders should be sensitized against early marriage and get a proper early child Genetic mutilation knowledge to stay safe against unhealthy reproductive involvement which accords as a result of many factors such as harmful traditions, the practice of parents, social norms that Violates human right and pose a negative influence on Reproductive and sexual health of female genders. Also, all the above points violate the rights of female genders, which it implies is on the high side of doing more harm in the society. We need to curtail and manage their rights by bringing up new policies and should be fully implemented.

Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation Inc USA™ (HCRFF) will implement these recommendations in order to accomplish the plan.

1. Six actions we can take to end GBV 

2. Funding women’s full participation in civil society.

3. Scaling the efforts for addressing unequal gender power relations.

4. Providing GBV Clinical Services in Lower-Level Health Facilities.

5. Addressing the needs of Child Survivors.

6. Developing Practical Guidance for Building Whole Systems.

Our Board


Mr Thomas F Huehn
Vice-President of HCRFF-USA

Pierrette J Cazeau MBA, MHA
UN/Conference Focal Point at HCRFF
President & Founder
Generation Equality Forum 2021-Women in Global Health Delegate