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Commission on Population and Development, fifty-fifth session (2022)

 Theme: Population and sustainable development, in particular, sustained and inclusive economic growth

A Population Commission was established by the Economic and Social Council in its resolution 3 (III) of 3 October 1946. In its resolution 49/128 of 19 December 1994, the General Assembly decided that the Commission should be renamed the Commission on Population and Development. The Commission is composed of 47 Member States elected by the Economic and Social Council for a period of four years on the basis of geographic distribution. Representatives should have a relevant background in population and development. It met typically every two or three years until 1994, after which it has met once a year.

Oral Statements During The General Debate

Subject to time availability, oral statements may be delivered during the general debate by a limited number of NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC. Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation Inc USA has been selected for an Oral Statement Prof Pierrette J. Cazeau President and Founder and our Focal Point AISHA ADAMU ABDULLAHI FUNDER UMMINRASHIDA CARE FOUNDATION URCF-NIG

Pierrette J. Cazeau Oral Statement file:///D:/oral%20statementcpd55_hcrffusa.pdf

NGO Briefing on the Draft Resolution: HCRFF was invited by the CPD 55 Bureau Ms. Sara Offermans (Netherlands) and Ms. Mayra Sorto (El Salvador,) to an online consultation on the Zero Draft of the Resolution on Population and Sustainable Development, in particular sustained and inclusive Economic Growth https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/#sent/FMfcgzGmvnxHNFNvhnFxZtgGGRMQmhZB?projector=1&messagePartId=0.1

Join us at our Side Event for the Commission on Population and Development, Fifty-Fifth Session (2022) on the 27th April at 8:30-9:45am EST. This event is open to the public and serves as sustained and inclusive economic growth. This event is sponsored by Haiti Cholera Research

Funding Foundation Inc USA and engaged with our focal points in partnership with the CPD NGO.

Register: CPD55: Calendar of Side Events: https://www.un.org/development/desa/pd/content/cpd55-calendar-side-events