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75th World Health Assembly

May 22nd will be the beginning of the 75th World Health Assembly #WHA where delegates, partner agencies, representatives of civil society and WHO experts will discuss current and future priorities for public health issues of global importance. Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation Inc USA HCRFF is in partnership with the US DHHS Office of Global Affairs Delegation as a Non State Actor NSA for Public Health Advocacy items on the agenda Women Health Children and Nutrition.

  •  Urgent paradigm shift towards preventing disease and promoting health: economics of Health for All
  • Radical reorientation of health systems towards primary health care as the foundation of universal health coverage: the best and only choice to achieve universal health coverage
  • Towards a new architecture for health emergency preparedness, response and resilience: 10 proposals for a safer world
  • Behavioural sciences for better health
  •  A healthy return: investing in a sustainably-financed WHO

Read More WHA Agenda: https://apps.who.int/gb/e/e_wha75.html

HHS Office of Global Affairs: Virtual Stakeholder Listening Session in preparation for the 75th World Health Assembly HCRFF USA Delegation Speakers Pierrette J Cazeau MBA, MHA WrittenComment file:///D:/hcrff75thwha-item17.pdf

Esraa Zahran RN MSN Written Comment file:///G:/esraaspeech%20on%20written%20comment.pdf

Dr. Kumar Written Comment:

Office of Global Affairs Recommends HCRFF USA to World Health Organization for World Health Assembly Pierrette J Cazeau WHO Pillar 3: One billion More People enjoying Better Health and Well-Being 17.1 Maternal, infant and young child nutrition file:///D:/B150_40-en%20(2).pdf Esraa Zahran WHO Pillar 4: More effective and efficient WHO providing better support to countries Updates and future reporting Item:26.1 Availability, Safety and Quality of Blood Products file:///D:/B150_40-en%20(2).pdf

Dr Kumar WHO Pillar 4: More Effective and Efficient WHO providing Better Support to Countries Matters for information 27.1 Progress Reports file:///D:/B150_40-en%20(2).pdf

Register to our WHA Virtual Side Event 27th of May 2022

Registration Link https://pmnch.who.int/news-and-events/events/item/2022/05/27/default-calendar/iron-deficiency-anemia-is-most-common-in-blood-donors-especially-in-female-donors-and-young-girls