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The Working Group to End Homelessness (WGEH) was officially established in November 2017 as collaboration between the Vincentian Family and several UN NGOs. Since its founding, WGEH has grown and evolved from this small membership of only 6 organizations to comprise a total of 30 member organizations.
The Working Group to End Homelessness (WGEH) mission is to advocate at the United Nations for persons who are vulnerable, pursuing the human right to adequate housing for all and to end homelessness. In this advocacy work, the working group partners with a variety of member states, UN agencies, NGOs, committees, and organizations.
Family homelessness often involves lone women with dependent children and is closely linked to domestic violence and economic marginalization. It is not often associated with the high rates of severe mental illness, drug use, contact with the criminal justice system, and poor health, seen among single long-term and recurrently homeless men. Women have also been found sleeping rough and within lone adult homeless populations across Europe, seemingly less numerous than men, but nevertheless clearly present. The point, however, is that there are, quite evidently, women among the people experiencing what is still seen, and often still recorded, as the largely male experience of single adult homelessness. Criticisms of the idea that women’s experience of homelessness is distinct from that of men rest on the argument that the analysis of gender in homelessness is incomplete.
The United Nations passed a new resolution on #homelessness!
The first of its kind, the resolution “Inclusive social development policies and programs to address homelessness, including in the aftermath of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID19)” urges Member States to (1/3)
Executive members of the Working Group to End Homelessness acted in a consultancy capacity with the Member States on the draft resolution.
Click here to read the full text: http://bit.ly/3e3eR9u

EndHomelessness #UNGA #UNResolution #LeaveNoOneBehind (3/3)


Pierrette J Cazeau, MBA, MHA
Post-Doctoral, Global Public Health Diplomat
Designated National Focal Point to UNFCCC
Member-At-Large Executive Member Committee to UN NGO WGEH Hispanic District